Thursday, 17 October 2013

How To: Accessorize Autumn Trends

Autumn is an great time for new trends and fashions. This year it's all about tartan print and punk.

                    How to Rock Punk:

This fashion calls for studs or dark big jewelry - adding a dark cluster ring would compliment your fierce statement. Add this to acid wash jeans or a white shirt. To soften up the grungy colours of punk, just add a slim silver necklace.

Sydney Crystal Cluster
Kylie Crystal Drop
                     Wearing Tartan:

Tartan is bursting with pattern and colour already so a simple gold or gold bronze bracelet would easily enhance the heritage impression. On the other hand, you could choose jewelry that contrasts with the attitude of your outfit, like these beautiful blue accessories.

Cericho  Crystal Bracelet
Holly Crystal Ball Earrings

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